How to Apply and Check SBI Bank Credit Card Application Status Online – 2017

SBI Credit Cards brings the best choice for you to shop in online anytime and anywhere that will bring you great deal. SBI accounts are used by many number of people around the country for various purposes to save money. SBI Cards are the joint venture of the State Bank of India and GE Capital. There are many different types of Credit Cards in SBI are available and you can find the one that is right for you. SBI Signature Card and SBI Signature Contactless Card are available with many number of gift voucher and bonuses. Applying for the SBI Credit Cards are much easier in online as you need to provide the filled in application form. Check the sbi credit card application status with the simple steps to get more information about safe use of the credit card. It is convenient to save money for the credit card dues. Welcome gift vouchers are also offered for the customers for availing the credit cards. SBI is the largest Government bank in India and some of the types of credit cards available are

SBI Credit Card Range

  • SBI Signature Card
  • SBI Platinum Card
  • SBI Advantage Platinum Card
  • SimplySave SBI Card
  • SimplyClick SBI Card
  • Air India SBI Signature Card

sbi credit card status

How To Apply SBI Bank Credit Card Online:

Knowing my credit card status is simple with the online so that it is convenient for knowing the better options about the updates.

  • Visit the official page, Link
  • Click the “Apply Now” button that is located in the top navigation
  • The link will be leading to the application form
  • Provide the exact details like Date of Birth, Application form, form number
  • Click the track button
  • Next page will be displaying the status of credit card application.

Check SBI Credit Card Application Status Online:

Have you applied for the SBI card? Do you wish to know about the status of your application? Some information is available for you to get the instant solution. On the average, you will be getting the credit card within 3 weeks from the date that you have registered. This time is taken for processing the request and dispatching the card to your address. You can add another week for receiving the card from the date of the card dispatch. Therefore, you will have a gap of a month in between to get the credit card. However, you can check credit card status every time through accessing the status of the credit card and know how long it will be reaching your address. The details about the credit card will be useful for further enquiry, check balances and many more. When the credit card is received, the credit card holder can check that his or her information given is correct or not through accessing the website.  Entering some of the details given below will be useful to know sbi bank credit card application status within short time.

  • Date Of Birth
  • Application number
  • PAN card number
  • Form number
  • Click Next button for further details


Here are the simple steps will help you to Check SBI Credit Card Status Online.

Step 1: Go to SBI bank website,

Step 2: In the home page move the cursor on “Track Your Application”


Step 3: Click to “Check the status of your application” tab, You need to enter your application number

Step 4: If you don’t have the Application Number with you, you can click to Retrieve Application tab.

Step 5: Please enter your Date of Birth as on the application form and PAN Card number

Step 6: Once you filling the above details – Click on Retrieve button to check the status of your SBI Card Application.

For more detail about SBI credit card application status visit this official website

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